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Save time and money while protecting your home

The Gutter Basket® is a simple, intelligent and cost-effective solution that ensures years of trouble-free gutters in all seasons.

ABOUT the product

Gutters are designed to keep your home safe from water damage. Unfortunately leaves, pine needles, and other debris get caught in your gutters. They fill up your gutter and plug your downspouts. Rainwater has nowhere to go except over the edge of your gutters. Water concentrates below and does not drain away, which can cause flooding. Hectic schedules and the dangerous nature of working on ladders and your roof may prevent you from cleaning your gutters on a regular basis.

Gutter Basket® is here to keep your gutters flowing and prevent an emergency, allowing you to clean and maintain your gutters at your convenience. We recommend having your gutters cleaned annually by a professional exterior building cleaning company.

Unveiling the Gutter Basket Advantage

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gutter baskets story

The Gutter Basket® was invented by James MacIntyre after 12 years of gutter cleaning. What better person to design a product like this than someone who has worked in the field for so many years.

As James was working in the exterior building cleaning field he kept seeing the same situation; people who lived near large trees would have overflowing gutters simply because the debris had covered the downspout drain.

James thought, “this is such a simple problem to fix there must be a product on the market that I can sell to my customers.”