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gutter baskets story

The Gutter Basket® was invented by James MacIntyre after 12 years of gutter cleaning. What better person to design a product like this than someone who has worked in the field for so many years.

As James was working in the exterior building cleaning field he kept seeing the same situation; people who lived near large trees would have overflowing gutters simply because the debris had covered the downspout drain.

James thought, “this is such a simple problem to fix there must be a product on the market that I can sell to my customers.”

James started a search and he found two solutions:

1. Expensive gutter covers. For some buildings, gutter covers make sense, but homeowners would still need to climb up on their roof and blow the gutter covers off and if their roof was steep the water would skip over the gutter cover and pour down the outside of the gutter. The exact problem that James was trying to prevent.

2. A wire “light bulb”. This solution restricted the downspout drainage capacity and did not solve the problem, it often made it worse.

James decided to create a solution to this problem. After many different design concepts and tests, he created what is now known as the Gutter Basket. Later, came the Flat Roof Basket. The solution is simple, cost-effective, and it really works.

By creating a perforated hood that fits over the downspout the Gutter Basket accomplishes two things:

1. The debris is held several inches away from the downspout on both sides of the drain. This prevents the clogging problem.

2. The water then flows through the perforated holes and down the drain. Instead of restricting the drainage like the wire “light bulb” product you can actually enlarge the drainage hole if it is necessary.

By solving this problem James has been able to provide a cost-effective, easy to install, and proven solution to the problem of overflowing gutters from clogged downspouts. This has provided homeowners with an additional level of protection against water intrusion and costly erosion to the ground around the foundation of buildings and even in extreme cases, flooding.

The result has been peace of mind for thousands of homeowners, and to James, that is what makes Gutter Basket such a success.