Available in Canada via the Gutter Basket’s website (www.gutterbasket.ca)
or by calling 604-612-9589. Also available at Canadian Hardware Retail Outlets.

The Flat Roof Basket is also available in the United States via the Gutter Basket’s US website (www.gutterbasket.com) or by email at customerservice@gutterbasket.com.


Product details

The Flat Roof Basket is designed to prevent debris from going down the flat-roof drains.

It is securely held in place by a metal clip.
*1 clip included with purchase

Flat Roof Basket Benefits:

  • Provides an inexpensive way of keeping your flat roof drains clear
  • Octagon shape sits flush to the roof line so that water can flow through the drains
  • Prevents standing water

Features: Composition and Design

  • Long-lasting galvanized metal assures years of trouble-free use
  • Perforated metal hood drains water while keeping out leaves and debris
  • Held down securely by metal clip

Additional information

Weight 116 g
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 5 cm